Dec 5, 2009

EOTU new era begins!

Hey everyone! Seth here taking over for this installment! I'm pretty excited to announce the new era of EOTU, or Explorers of the Unknown. The current story is the start of Shawn and I's collaboration on his Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Adventure series.

We've mapped out a series of tales that will take the characters of the "EOTU-Verse" well into 2011. So I hope everyone sticks around for the ride! Will new characters be introduced? Will drama ensue regarding Diego and Kat's (one the stars of Shawn's comic Gello Apocalypse) blossoming relationship? Will all the Explorers even make it out of this alive!?

Stay tuned!

On a side note...

Shawn and I attending the Grand Opening last month of Pittsburgh's very own Museum dedicated exclusively to Comic and Cartoon Art, The Toonseum. The Toonseum is one of three museum's in the country spotlighting this fantastic art form and I just wanted to give Executive Director Joe Wos and his staff a giant, four-color THUMBS UP! Keep up the great work.

And for more on the Toonseum, check out their Blog!

Well, that's it for now, keep checking in for an upcoming sneak peek at a Thunder Girl solo story! Take care everybody!

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