May 7, 2011

thor watch# 5 : hostile in the y.m.c.a

day five hope everyone enjoyed thor last night heard it was great heres todays tag!

That's right, its me but where am i tee hee. Since we're on the subject of me several things to say that involve me. Today is free comic book day and yours truly with nick marino and seth fronzoli will be set up at phantom of the attic drawing and giving away free stuff like our underwear (wink) "but Shawn i not really down to go to comic shop" you say, WELL YOU GO TO HELL .... heh just kiddin' then go over to fleeting pages a new type of book store on centre in east liberty where my books are there and i also did the design for the canvas bags that they have its a nice place if you like reading so till tomorrow T.T.F.N

other great comic shops that i should mention stop by cause there full of awesome
- arkham gift shoppe
-copacetic comics
- phantom of the attic 
those come to mind among other great ones in the burgh

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