Oct 3, 2011

Where have you been Mr.Atkins!

Well I've been every where man. Sorry gang for not updating my weekly things last week i was on my honeymoon and on semi radio silence just updating Facebook from time to time but fear not peoples of the workshop, I'll be updating all this week with pics for my honeymoon and other art stuff like tomorrow with a new eotu and Wednesday with SU podcast and  catch up Thursdays with time log and Friday... I don't know yet maybe something i have in mind. but with out further a due some pics from travels around PA and Delaware ( which by the way isn't much in Delaware besides grass)

 where we stayed
 Lincoln diner in Gettysburg best diner in Gettysburg really great food and service ( not pictured is a bar we found too called the flying moose which is really awesome too)

 this is mister eds elephant museum and candy store
 let me put this way this is a fraction of how many elephants this guy had, he brings collecting to a whole new level
 the elephant just wouldn't have it with Steph trying to make out with him.oh well maybe next time
 battle fields around Gettysburg

 waiting around for the ghost hunt in Gettysburg!
 do know those people but i like how the pic turned out, although we did meet them on the ghost hunt and they were really cool couple.
 Steph reading
 our head ghost hunter giving us the low down on the haunted house
 Steph with dosing rods to detect a ghostly presents ( btw it rained like crazy going to the place hence why we were drenched.)
 maybe a ghost orb maybe not it stopped raining and it wasn't dusty at all you decide.
 Gettysburg at night
 us figuring what to do in Delaware
 yep still dont know what to do in Delaware
 and still don't know what to do in Delaware...zzzzzzzzzzz
 there really isn't anything to do in Delaware other then take pictures of your feet.
 but then we went to Philadelphia and it was frickin awesome.
 my wife cant resist touchin Rocky's buttocks
 me after running up the steps ( well after i caught my breath) high fives all around.
 the liberty bell was really cool to look at!
the oldest inhabited alley in the U.S

Well that's it for now I'll post more tomorrow of the trip.

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