Nov 7, 2011

sequential underground invades jefferson ohio!

You read right folks. its a bit late to post but hey that's the kind of guy I am. anyways heres some photos from the north east geek expo in my native state of Ohio this past weekend.  that I did with nick marino and my wife steph.

 kickin it in with my wife and nick
 nick showing off his stick cats theme song

 I was really jealous of his hoody

 cap vs romana
 funniest costume ever! dead cap
 steph being a judge at the costume contest look out simon

In truth i really didn't expect much out a of the first show of this event but I'm really glad i was proven wrong it was a really nice show and the crowd was really great and we had fun there. If the stars line up next year I would love to do this again.  alright i'll see ya tomorrow for some explorers of the unknown laters!

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