Dec 1, 2011

SU 30 the inpromptu!

my bad gang ment to post this hours ago and almost forgot to do this to but its all good right, course it is. so with out further due

we talk about webcomic creators dues and other stuff off the fly.


  1. Just discovered the podcast. The one issue I had with your what's Kirby heirs contention with Marvel. Some people think that the heirs are greedy and want to steal IP's from poor Marvel comics. They[the heirs] didn't do any drawing should they get anything? Using this logic nobody should pass anything to heirs. The Hilton's that are alive today didn't build any hotels but they received a trust fund. Kirby's heirs are entitled to anything they can get. There is also the issue of Marvel trying to distance themselves from Kirby and Ditko as creative fathers of the company in favor of the Stan Lee created the Marvel comic heroes. Disney [Marvel's parent company] has a history of doing the same thing with Ub Iwerks who co-created Mickey Mouse. As an indie comics creator myself I think creators must know the history of comics creators rights. Good Podcast and I will be going back to listen to the other 29.

  2. I'm really glad you liked the cast and happy listening. i totally agree the heirs should get something. Didnt know about the distance thing that marvel/disney is doing that bullshit its moments like thoses that make me so mad a stan lee/marvel for taking everything and leaving nothing for the artist. well thanks again for listening and i hope you come back for more entertainment on the workshop