Jan 27, 2012

My 52 The return...sorta

 The sorta is for the fact that I skipped a week and I was only doing this for two week up to that point. I had to skip last week due family emergency, but fret not I'm uploading not one but two super pin ups to keep pace with my missed week. First is a sketch that I was gonna upload last week of Solomon Grundy and Abe Sapien suggested by my lovely Steph! Who tried to STUMP ME!

grundy smash!

  For this weeks drawing comes from the always awesome Nick Marino. Who suggested I do the ever mighty Hypno Hustler! So I drew a very special "Behind the Music" the after years of Ole Hypno.

Sexy time with Hypno Hustler!

TA-DA!! Well thats it's for now. Remember to leave a comment below if you have a suggestion on what character I should do next or pitch a bitch cause completely butchered the heroes you love. I promise next week I'll have more finished things to post. Till then T.T.F.N ta ta for now!