Jan 6, 2012

My 52

Hey gang! I thought I'd give myself a test this year in a new segment I'll call "My 52". One thing I noticed in my comic portfolio was the lack of other comic properties characters i.e no superman,batman and so on and such. So I'm throwing down the gauntlet I'm gonna do a comic hero of my choosing or someone's suggest each week for this entire year. It doesn't have to finished but some might. So game on. Today I bring you a sketch of hellboy smoking

and a bonus this drawing. This is from a web comic in England called Fera that i did a couple months ago for a twitter follower.

F.Y.I the last one doesn't count toward the 52. Just something I wanted to flaunt. See next week and 51 more to go.


  1. GREAT IDEA! I look forward to more of these. My first suggestion for a future sketch: Havok in the classic costume!

  2. I can totally do that and thanks for the compliment!

  3. How about Abe Sapien? I love that sweet fishy man! Is it lame that I picked the same book? How about Solomon Grundy?

    1. I can do both and no it's not lame to pick from the same book.