Jan 23, 2012

Thor Watch pt 2: Mob Tactics graffiti edition

Hey gang welcome to part 2 of a special Thor Watch brought to you by the pictures of Sara Starwarz. Enjoy.

Well that's it for now. I will post next week with more pics from Sara and some I took around town, but before I go I asked Sara what she thinks of graffiti,art and other things and this what she said.

"I'm fucking old now, as far as my role in the game in this day and age, it's kinda like the mob, I'm like the boss, training new members of the family.

Just like in the Mob, writers start as associates that have proven themselves. When the books are open, the old fucks recommend an up-and-coming associate to be a new member of the crew. In the case that there is only one slot and multiple recommendations, the Boss will decide. The new member usually becomes part of the crew that recommended him.

That and now a lot of writers from my day have honed their art into money making applications, check out malt and tead, http://brownbagdetroit.com/, I hired Shades to do the vitamin water gig here, he covered a 3 floor night club in his and his friends graffiti...suuuuper talented, check out my portfolio on technology driven art to see it...and then while we were throwing that event, two buildings down a guy I used to be in one of my first crews with out here was painting a 25 foot mechanical looking tiger in a ballet studio! It's all about honing your skills and keeping the passion, application varies as age creeps in :)"

Thank you Sara for the great pics! Come back next week for more graffiti. Same bat time, Same bat channel. Oh if your anyone who likes taking pictures of the graff around your neighborhood. Send them to the workshop and I'll post them here and make sure to leave a link to your site. Till then T.T.F.N. 


  1. Sweet graff. Gotta love a teddy bear smoking a blunt.

    1. Hell yeah! I like the guy with the pocket watch.