Jan 16, 2012

Thor Watch pt1: Graffiti riot of the Motor City

Hey gang I bring a special Thor watch. Brought to you by another graffiti lover,  my very good friend  Sara Stawarz. She hails from the great motor city and gladly representing. So without further a due, on with the picture show.

I asked Sara a couple weeks back for some pictures, so I can do this post. I expected maybe three or four and then I would fill in the rest with my own pictures. Then she blew my mind uploading like 20 something pics to Facebook. I was geeking out and marveling at the pictures and thought why put it in one giant post when I can do it two parts to give it justice. Come back on this day next week for part 2 of this graffiti odyssey! On a side note come back tomorrow for the next installment of "the girl with instant camera" it is not to be missed!

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