Mar 9, 2012

my 52 week 10

You thought I forgot huh? Just took me a little while to finish the Poison Ivy piece from last Friday. This week's request comes from Michael "Frick" Weber and he ask very kindly on deviant art for a Kitty Pryde drawing. I was like hells yeah Frick and this is what I came up with. Enjoy.

So that ends this wee.... oh wait the Poison Ivy pic heh heh heh I almost forgot. Check it out.
Well there you have it in all it's glory. Next week, I don't know send me suggestions PLEASE. If you have any praise or criticisms please leave a comment below or email me at Bye gang and have a nice weekend. 42 weeks left!


  1. I love this colored. Pretty smart gal, using the Mario-Seymour-Feed-Me guy to dispatch Batman. Bet his punk-ass had no pill in his utility belt for that one.