Mar 16, 2012

My 52 week 11

TA-DUH!! Another week, another copyright infringement that my imaginary lawyers will have to explain to the MAN. So anyways, this week my good buddy Dave Devera had a suggestion of the Punisher and here it is. This is a homage to Darwyn Cooke's Parker enjoy.

Next on the agenda is a finished product of Kitty Pryde of the X-Men for Frick Webber.Awesome right.

"Oh no problem the bathroom is on the 3rd floor."
Well there you have it week 11 is done. Please leave a suggestion below or email me at, if you love it, hate it or you got a character that you want me to draw next let me know. Well gang you have a great weekend. Peace.

1 comment:

  1. This Kitty Pryde is bad-ass. She is hot and the little dragon is super cute. I thought the inks were really nice, but the color version is bad-ass. about the Flash? And can I ask for Dumbledore? Or does it have to be comic books?