Mar 30, 2012

My 52:week 13 the reckoning part two!

Alright so last week I said I wanted to give Tank Girl the artistic props that I can do and  eureka I believe I did, but first here is the last weeks drawing finished. Hope you like it, this was the first time using a pentel brush pen enjoy.

Now this weeks pencils that I really dig, with her ever loving Booga and her tank.
So thus ends this weeks 52 drawing if you have any suggestion or complaints on this drawing or any others from the past,present and future (I'm talking to you McFly) please leave a comment below or email me at the score holds at 41 drawings left to do. See ya and have a nice weekend.


  1. Those brush pens are so satisfying. I'm glad you were able to yield it so well.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like the ink. I honestly wasn't sure about it at first but as I kept going everything fell into place.