Apr 13, 2012

My 52 week 15 the mega post!!

So today I'm uploading not one,not two, but three pictures. So last week I mentioned I was going to bring you the color version of tank girl and inked and colored version of my friend Marcel Walkers character "the Pro" and finally I bring you Homer Simpson suggested by the one and only and very vocal on this feature Nick Marino. So enjoy.

That's it for now if you have a suggestion or complaint on what I'm drawing hit me up at satkins@workshop13.net. So till next week have a nice weekend!


  1. I LOVE this drawing of The Pro! It features everything I love in one picture: The Pro, Pittsburgh, an overt Superman reference...and ME! Magnificent job, Shawn!

    1. Why thank you sir, that means alot coming from you and it was fun doing the drawing. I'll have to do another one soon.