Dec 27, 2012

Thundergirl Page 2... 9 Hours Before.

Here we another week,  another page by the titanic team of Cupec and Atkins!

Page 1 Thundergirl#2 page 3
New to Thundergirl#2? start from the beginning here or read Thundergirl#1 here.

So I thought I'd drop some knowledge on what took this project so long to see the light of day. This started about two years in August and Harry just did this  awesome piece of  ol' TG and we started talking about doing a story together. So we got to work, some months go by I write a script, he does some sketches and we are on the way.

Harry finishes like boss in early 2011 but this is where I hit a snag. I was in the middle of some projects and then my wedding plans went into high gear on top of that  money was getting thinner from the wedding so some printed projects couldn't be printed, as well as I was feeling a little burned out from all the webcomic stuff that year.

 Which is no excuse and I said to my self that by hook or by crook this would the light of day . Which brings me to 2012 and I didn't want to leave this year and not have this project sit around anymore and here we are in December. In these situations people usually blame the artist for holding up a project and it wasn't in this case Harry was a world class professional artist asking very little of anything.

So again I say MANY, many thanks to Harry for doing this and thanks for his patients.
See you people next week!

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