Feb 24, 2014

Breaking Dad

Sooo I thought I would start a diary blog about being a dad in hoping people who read will learn from my mistakes or say thats a good idea or give me tips.

Lets begin a couple of weeks ago my daughter turned 9 months...actually now I think about what I wanna say this story started about year ago. So my wife signed us up for lamaze class, which I wasn't against by any means I figured knowledge is power but at first i did think it was going to be a everything i saw on television (when  younger I watched a CRAP ton of family shows) anyways we went and I have to say was i was totally surprised! We learned so much about the birthing process, that teachers don't say in health class. The focus was mostly on relax techniques and your rights when you go to the hospital, Steph and I had a great teacher, links at the bottom. Which really came in handy when it was time for labor. 

Fast forward to the weekend of Amelia's birth in late April. Steph and i have no idea when her labor began. i think it started Friday night when she was having discomfort which was bothering her though the night, the next morning we wondered if this could be it. So thanks to modern sciences they have an app for that. And so we timed the contractions and.... nothing, her contractions started to get farther and farther apart... so now what? Well i had obligations in Lawrenceville at Art all Night, link in the doodly do. Which f.y.i wasn't sure of going but Steph didn't want to stay cooped up in the house anymore so we left. There i was doing my tour of duty as that was happening, my lovely wife was looking at great local art unbeknowest to us Amelia is steadly telling us that she was ready to see the world but first PIZZA!

 That's right Steph again wasn't feeling good, so we split the scene, on the way home Stephanie was hungry and really wanted pineapple pizza sooooo we stopped at Mineo's in Squirrel Hill.

I'm gonna stop here for now cause this is a long story (sorta) stay turned to this earthly plane for the next installment. Coming soon.

Art all Night
Shining Light Prenatal Education
Mineo's Pizza House

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