Aug 15, 2011

the break down of a cartoonist pt1

Hey gang Shawn here, and I had this idea to this for awhile. To go through the steps i go through when creating a comic story. I know i kinda did this on the su podcast as well as Seth did for explorers on his blog, which did a great job in their own right. While working on this short story of mine I wanted to go deeper in my process so each week on Monday I'm gonna show you whats going on my board.

This week I'll call "Inspiration and her cold icy grip of creativity"

Like I said above I'm working on a short story to do something with probably as a back story to explorers or gello. the title of the short story is called "the girl with the instant camera" when i thought of this story i was watching some cool movies and reading some good comics. One of the movies was "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" I like the relationship between Jim Carrey and  Kate Winslet, his straight laced black and white world to her spontaneous and often sporadic to me fun world and that was something i wanted to try. now I'm not sure i could get this feeling in a short story but i'll try. the other inspiration was this song/music video by aloe blacc called "Femme Fatale" which is really good. love the visuals in it as well as the song is really great, which I'll post the link below. Finally my last inspiration was "Batman: the Long Halloween" which is one my favorite books, I like the film noir, hard boiled feel to the book,I always wanted to try the narrative like a hard boiled film so that gave me a state of mind about the story i wanted to tell. if you haven't read the book go out and read it you will not be disappointed.

Well thats it for now hope you dug this post and leave a comment below if you like it or have questions, come back next week where I'll go over my the writing process and thumbnails.



  1. I've seen pages from this story and they kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

    I'm excited to read these behind-the-scenes write ups for this story in particular.

  2. thx nick! ya makin me blush with all that compliments