Aug 22, 2011

the break down of a cartoonist pt2

Hi again I know its abit late but hey that's my style! Anyways last week i said i would go over  my writing process but i totally forgot to mention what i did for concepts for the comic,so here we go.
Tech note at the current moment my scanner is on the fritz so i used my camera so sorry for the shitty quality, maybe after i get my scanner fixed I'll edit this post with better pictures.

 This is the picture that started it all i removed my notes cause they will be shown  next week so be patient.

 You will kinda notice alot drawings of the gals. Well I must confess I like drawing them and plus the style i was going for was a late sixties to mid severties feel and unlike men (in my opinion) women dress with the current fashions of the times, not all but some and in this case one of our main leads do and to me that is a selling point when telling a period piece. Now guys are easy we have basically worn the same thing since the early 20th century just depends if it long or short hair, shirt tucked in not tucked in,so on and so on but rest assure i did look at photos of guys in the era i wanted to work in.
 The title of the story is "the girl with the instant camera" well heres the camera nuff said.
Here is the girl with instant camera right here, I got here clothes from a mix of Gwen Stacey gear back from the early 70's spider-man.
I found it easy to find clothes design from movies,comics of the era like I used Google alot like i typed in key words like Mary Tyler Moore, Bullitt,70's fashion,60's fashion I was watching some  blaxploitation films at the time like Sugar Hill I also went back and watched the aloe blacc video I mentioned in the last post, I also have a trade of spiderman:the death of gwen stacy and my personal favorite artist Steranko, among others. I really get lost finding and looking for photos and styles for these concepts. Below is a picture I used for the subway train
Well i think that covered everything for concepts this week after all this is a short story and I'm the type of artist that likes to take the ball and run once the characters are finalize (not even that with this case) so come back next week for the writing progress and thumbnails and this time serious.