Aug 30, 2011

the break down of a cartoonist pt3

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Ah yes I totally was busy yesterday helping at assemble, by the time i got home to post i was tired, so sorry gang anyways on to part 3 "writing or the scratches in my sketch book that i call letters" this might be a quick post considering my writing process.

I am a fan of the old Marvel Style I think it give the artist more freedom to do what they do best and by marvel style I'm talking about what Jack Kirby and Stan Lee did back in the 60's by writing a couple paragraphs then the artist takes those paragraphs and turn them into 22-24 pages of story and then the writer will put the text after the artwork is done. Now there are other great methods to do comics with collaborators this is the method i like the most. What I end up doing when working alone is an even bastardized version of this, cause one: I'm a cartoonist and two: I'm working alone on this story which I'm pretty sure I stated in earlier entries below.  when I came up with to get the story going.
 Sorry again for the crappy photos my scanner is still down any ways above is the script in all its glory I just jotted down a few Ideas and I'm off to the races.
 I start to break down scenes and the dialogue  in the thumbnail phase so I guess you can call this a script if you want, to all those writers out there in interweb land. This process takes a while for me to get through to get the timing just right as well as the staging.

That's right folks today's blog post is brought to you by colt 45 malt liquor it goes down smooth for the great taste, just ask Billy Dee Williams. well that's it for this post come back Monday for pencils and hopefully I'll get a scanner by then.

laters go to the part 4

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