Sep 5, 2011

the break down of a cartoonist pt 4

I'll call this part "Riot in Pencil Alley" so last week I went over my writing methods and thumbnails.  This week I'm showing off the pencils of this story. My pages are not like your normal comic pages, but then again what is normal when it comes to creating anything. I draw on a 8.5 x 14 in. Bristol board smooth, this isn't a size you can get at art store. What i do is buy a 17x14 Bristol and go to my favorite Kinko's and have it cut in half .

After I have my paper I take my ruler and go 12 down and little less than 8.5 across like the page above shows. After that I use a mechanical pencil for my borders don't ask me why I just like it I guess.

 After looking over my thumbnails I go to town with my blue col erase pencil, but why Shawn do you use a mechical pencil for the borders and a blue pencil for everything else. Well like i said before up above i don't know with the mechanical, but the blue pencil is for later down the line when i scan  which i'll explain in a couple of posts. So thier you have it the break down on how i do a comic page. Next week inking and again sorry for the shitting picks i still on the look for a scanner. Peace out


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