Sep 12, 2011

the break down of a cartoonist pt 5


Hey gang its your old pal Farmer Shawn and this week im going over ink
pages today. I have a feeling that this is goin to be a short entry but that's okay.

For inks i use a combo of pens and brushes when starting to ink I use a Faber Castell brush pen. i use this pen for all my heavy lines and shadows.
Then after I'm done that I use a number 8 micron pen. this pen pretty much takes care of the bulk of the inking. I even use it for the borders.
For finer lines I use a number 1 or a number 3 micron pen I usually use it for small faces in the background or people farther away from the camera of the panel. After that for the blacks areas i'll use a sharpie marker or if the its a alot black space I use fatter marker or a brush pen that lost its sharpness. In recent months i've started to use white gel pens to get certain details.
Heres a prime example of a phoenix nine cover did couple months ago all the white line work was done with a gel pen.

Well thats it for now, next week come back as I go over gray tones and scanning which hopefully by then I have a scanner. Peace out from the robot planet! 

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