Dec 31, 2011

2012 THE END!! just kidding!

Hey folks so for the last post of 2011 I figured  I would show you whats happening for the workshop next year including panels from EOTU and and a another sketch I'm positive will be in Gello volume 2: "This time it's personal" as well as some short stories I baking up. So without further delay heres the show!

Some panels of  Explorers of the Unknown strip titled Gemini. Coming in February.
Oh boy how does Kat get in these situations. Find out when Gello Apocalypse comes back with new pages in March and check out the new Gello dedicated blog for new material,pin ups and other what nots.

Right after the new year is a short story, that I've been working on for a while titled "the Girl with the Instant Camera" ( heres the progression of the story right here!). Which I'll post after the current Explorers story wraps up. It's a film noir love story, so stay tuned for that next month!
and these fine sketches right here is for a untitled short story that i will have out later on next year about the first woman to explore titan. Mystery and suspense will ensue so keep you peepers glued to the screen.

and heres a short story that excited to work on tentatively titled Demetrius the Brave where a barbarian/viking goes to the future and has high adventures in the vain of Flash Gordon and Conan the Barbarian. OH YEAH THE EXCITEMENT!

 New podcasts of the Sequential Underground coming this year too.
and the long awaited return of Thundergirl by Harold Cupec and myself (Shawn) which I blame me for the hold up,but I'll address issue when this gets up and running.Last but not least look out for Time Log the collection coming out later this year.

Man what a mouth full, I hope that excites you to stick around the workshop this coming year and I wanna thank every one who stopped by and commented on posts and said positive things. I'm glad that we're still going strong into 2012 with more exciting projects and thrilling stories that will entertain you and make you laugh.

Have a great new year!

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