Feb 3, 2012

My 52 week 5

So here we are again, another Friday and another copyrighted figure.Thanks to the always awesome Nick Marino for the suggestion of 80's punk Storm or just Storm from the 80's.

 That's not all, true to my word I finished and colored the Havok drawing from week 2. I Hope that you dig it.

Ta Duh!
Well that's it for now. Please leave a comment below if you have a suggestion on what I should draw for next week or a complaint that I butchered your favorite character. Have a nice weekend and Go Giants!


  1. HOLY SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Your mohawk Storm is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, inked Havok is even better than the original!

    Gorgeous sketches this week :)

    I know I'm a suggestion hog, but I can't stop because I love your X-Men drawings. My next request: Banshee. Costume of your choice.

    I like most of his looks: his classic costume, the team uniforms from the cover of Uncanny #275, his Joe Mad-era redesign, and then his jacket look that he had in Gen X.

    1. It's cool man. I will do a Banshee drawing after Dan's King Pin(cause I think he came first on Facebook it's hard to tell) if that's okay and I like your suggestions it keeps me out of my comfort zone. THX BTW!

  2. Awesome. The havok does look cool finished. I would like to suggest Poison Ivy. I don't know much about her, but she looked cool in the Long Halloween. Make it happen, Damn it!