Feb 6, 2012

Cartoonist Break Down pt1: the revenge!

Hey gang! So I started drawing this short story for a collection book me and my pal Nick Marino is putting together, hopefully by the end of the year and I thought since I had so much fun putting together the first cartoonist breakdown.I would do it again with the short story "Granny Knife Fight". So lets begin!

 Tonight's Episode:  Inspiration and her cruel mistress... called DEATH!

With a name like Granny Knife Fight one would ask, how did you come with such a concept? Brother to tell the truth... I don't honestly know I did a couple scribbles in my sketch book and jokily said to myself Granny Knife Fight. At the time though I was busy doing other things so I put it on the back shelf of my mind for later.

Hello Kat!!!
So a couple weeks later at the now defunct Fleeting Pages book store there was a workshop about how to make mini comic with Bill Volk. It sounded interesting and I'm always trying to find new ways to do comics so I went. The first thing Bill ask was come up with a story and I was in my weird artsy mood (i.e sugar high) and that was the first thing that popped up in my brain and just went at it.

I was also thinking of  the "Beat It" video by Micheal Jackson.
 In a half hour or so these drawings came out in the smallest comic I've ever drawn. It really doesn't make sense but it's funny and it is violent. What more could you ask? So after that workshop I was looking at what I did. Thought to myself that I should redo this on bigger paper and spend more time on it, but that wouldn't happen again for months and the mini comic stayed on windowsill to remind that I should do it till the time was right. Which was some time in December for the collection that I mentioned above.

Next Monday I'll go over thumbnails and pencils pages. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions along the way or other encouragements. See ya later people!

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  1. I like the original Granny Knife Fight minicomic! You should print it up as a freebie:)

    1. Its something to think about but its so raw. Maybe though.