Feb 13, 2012

cartoonist breakdown pt 2

Tonight's Episode: I've got a case of pencil blues.

So last week I went over my inspirations for Granny Knife Fight and other things. Today I'll show off my pencils and go over my thumbnails for it.

First up thumbnails.

What?! Confused a bit why re-posted this drawing from last week. Well that's because I didn't use my usual methods for thumbnails, cause I already had the mini comic done all I had to do is expand on the concept. I added a few things on the fly and viola thus completes the thumbnail pages next I laid pencil to paper.
 See I just added some stuff, but only make it more fun and like the original I drew in my word bubbles.

But as pencil methods goes I pretty much stick to my usual which is 8.5x14 bristol smooth and my trusty blue col erase pencil that I like, cause it wont show up on the scanner. Well I'm outta here next week I'll go over inks! See you people later.

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