Feb 27, 2012

cartoonist breakdown pt 4

Tonight's Episode:Scanning for Love and all I find is DEATH.

Alright so here we are at the scanning stage which I have to admit is gonna be a short one but then again I said that about inking. I have changed my scan techniques over the years do to the different scanners and new knowledge I learned through out the years on scanning, but for now this is my current steps to how I scan and get a page ready for grey tones. So here we go

 When I scan I usually go with my default settings except for dpi (dots per inch) which I raise to 600. a bit much I know, but it looks great when I shrink it to a new file at 300 dpi. Unfortunately for me my scanner can only scan  a little bit bigger than 8.5x11.

That that Granny Green Apple!

That's okay though I just have to scan twice which doesn't take long.

After scanning I assemble it together in a new a file that I pre set up that is 8.5x14 at 300 dpi. It's that size because it is the size of paper I draw on when I do my comics.Now for the next step, getting rid of my blue lines.

Those pesky blue lines! Now in old days what I used to do to get rid of them was I would simply scan it as a black-n-white bit map and that was it, but now that I have a new scanner it doesn't do that so well (I still gotta tweak it). I did find a solution to my problem, stumbled over this button one day in Photoshop.

Which is a button called black & white. A button in the image menu under adjustments there I go to High Contrast Blue Filter and Viola no more blue pencils.

 From there I desaturate to make it a black-n-white image (remember I scanned this in color) from there I adjust my levels to get my solid blacks and whiter than whites and that's it! That's my method on how I scan and assemble a page for grey tones which I'll go over next week. So you people have a good week and I'll talk to you later. Oh and if you have any question going further on this step or any other steps I've talked before on this how to series you can leave a comment below or email me at satkins@workshop13.net. T.T.F.N ta ta for now.

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