Feb 24, 2012

My 52 week uh...week 8

Hiya gang! Another week another copyright infringement. Anywho this weeks request comes from Dave "the Rave" DeVera creator of the Ninjabitch a grind house comic book. So here it is... the Preacher and Tulip. 

another for the road says Jesse.
And lets not forget the polished drawing from a couple weeks ago of Storm that Nick " the slick" Marino asked for. Neat huh?

Well I hope you like this weeks entry in the pantheon of pop art. If you have a suggestion on what I should draw next or you wanna complain about how buthered your favorite character.Please a comment below. Till next week have a good weekend. I'M OUTTIE 5000 !!! (drops another mike and raised hands in the air) Ka- Lunk!


  1. I think the world need a Shawn Atkins' Punisher!! This Jessie and Tulip is awesome by the way!

    1. Thanks Dave I'm glad you liked it! I just might wrangle something for the Punisher.

  2. Storm is rockin'!!!! I love the drawing :)