Mar 5, 2012

cartoonist breakdown pt 5

Tonights Episode: the Final DEATH of Death Mcgee

Alright it's the end of the road on this feature, for the moment anyway. So this week I'll go over grey tones and lettering.

For this mini project of mine I decided to go with a limited grey palette. Little bit inspired by the Scott Pilgrim books. How I do my grey tones is easy, I use Photoshop but unlike most comic artist I still do it with a mouse.In this case is perfect cause I don't have to do much but out line with the lasso tool and fill with the paint bucket. A little lazy I know but sometimes simple is better I think, for this project anyways.
For the letter that is also done in Photoshop and since I did the word bubbles by hand all I have to do is type using the type tool. The font I used is Sunday Comics by Blambot which by the way is free if your a indie comics guy. I like using this font because it reminds me of the Charles Schultz "Peanuts" comic strips and its great for dialogue nice and big and easy to read.  Highly recommend it.

After that it is a down hill process of spelling and grammar checks by myself and my wife Steph who looks it over and makes sure it sounds right. Well that's it for now I don't know when I'll do this again, maybe some time soon on another strip I'm working on. I don't wanna keep repeating myself. Hopefully this helps out in any of your comic projects. If you have any question on this lesson or any other lessons, please leave a comment below or email me (Shawn) at Laters and happy comic making.

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  1. Shawn,

    Thanks for producing a breakdown, that information will really help me out!!

    FYI, I am really enjoying the Sequential Underground pod casts!


    1. I'm glad you dig these breakdowns and the sequential underground. I was just thinking of doing another cartoonist breakdown.