Mar 2, 2012

MY 52 week 9: that girl is poison

Rise in shine gang! Here is this week's suggestion by my lovely wife, Stephanie. She asked for the the equally lovely but deadly Poison Ivy. Interesting huh?

what the hell?
Really enjoyed drawing this for some reason, but to tell the truth I wasn't to hyped for it other than drawing it for Steph. There are SO many pin ups of poison ivy doing all sorts of things from extremely sexy erotic poses to cute and whimsical so it was tough to come up with something a little interesting and I hope I succeeded ( I think I did). Next up is a finished piece I did of Wilson Fisk the kingpin of crime. Suggested by follow podcaster and comic creator Dan Greenwald.
man that is menacing! Also done in AI!
Well another week, another pin up. Hope you liked them as much as I liked doing them. As always if you have any suggestions, praise or complaints please leave a comment below. 43 more weeks to go I'll see you people later.


  1. I. Love. This.
    That damn Mario should have know better. Probably tried to hit him with his raccoon tail. Jerk.