Feb 20, 2012

cartoonist breakdown pt 3

Tonight's Episode: I'm INKING to taste your demise!

Well today I'll go over inking, which I think is gonna be a short post cause inking is inking and I'm not a fan. I really don't wafer from my technique when it it comes to inking I may experiment with new pens or other tools but, I mostly use Microns and Faber-Castell Pitt pens.Generally I start with outlining the borders with a number 8 micron (usually a old 8 pen). After,I use a bush pen to go over the pencils and choose where I want to put my shadow lines.
Then I wound attack the page with a newer 8 micron and TA-DA a finished page. If I have to get some smaller detail I will use a 1 or 3 micron  and that's how it goes with inking a page. Next week scanning! If you have any question leave them in the comments below.

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  1. For the next Break Down: what size pants do you wear?

    1. holy smokes that is the question the ages I will differently get back to you on that. For now my answer is tight little boy shorts. gross.