Sep 21, 2011

the breakdown of a cartoonist pt 6

All right, folks. It's the end of the journey. First, I wanna say that I am sorry for being late. Some of you might know from looking on my Facebook page, I'm getting married at the end of the week. So I have been running around, trying to get things done, which is why I was late. Any who...on with the show.

Now I know I this doesn't look like any of the pages I've been talking about. It's from my phoenix nine strip, but the technique is all the same. So, what I did first was scan my pages at 1200 dpi bit map black and white. That will most likely get rid of all the blue pencil lines and leave us with just the black ink. After scanning,  I look over the image and clean any stray marks that might be on it. Then I convert it to grey scale and click/drag the image to a new file, where it's a 300 dpi RGB. I like to work in RGB. I get a lot more options.

Next, I gray tone the shit out of it in Photoshop. Unlike most pros out there, I still use a mouse to do all my work. It's not the flashiest of methods, but it gets the job done.

Finally, after I'm satisfied with the grey tones, I add in the word balloons and text; still using Photoshop. There is a shape tool you can use to make the balloons. It's super easy and quick. And
viola! That's how I get down with makin' comics. You don't have to use these lessons as a concrete method. This is what I find to be creative and fun. That's the great thing about comics: you do them anyway you like.  If you have questions you can email me at or leave a comment below. Thanks again for stoppin' by and  reading my step by step process of comic making. Check back often for updates of the "girl with the instant camera".  I'll post it here in a couple of weeks, all funky fresh and new. Good night folks and happy comic makin'!

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